How To Cut And Install Bathroom Wall Panels?

If you are bored of ordinary tiles, then having bathroom wall paneling helps in sprucing it up. A quick remodeling will make your bathroom look good and feel new. Apart from this, bathroom wall panels are easy to decorate and help in preventing moisture seeping into the bathroom walls. There are various kinds of products you can use as wall panels, which range from plastic to fiberglass. But cutting it up and then installing it is a task which takes precision and effort. So here’s the Best Way to cut Bathroom Wall Panels:

Measure first

Before you even buy your bathroom wall paneling. You need to know exactly how much do you actually need to cut. To know this just measure the surface which you plan on covering. Then buy enough of the bathroom wall paneling so that you can complete the full job. It’s also advisable that you buy a little more than what you need so as to excuse any mistakes which can happen during the period of installation.

Take care of the studs

If you are thinking of installing the bathroom wall paneling over the existing wall itself, then you will need to know where the studs are. This is because you will have to screw the paneling into them. Studs are found in either a 16 inch or a 24-inch center. This ensures that the distance from the center of one stud to that of the center of the next stud is either of the two stated measurements. You can use a stud locator to find the studs on the wall. It should be easy to work out which is actually the correct measurement for the wall you are working on.

Cutting the panels

Since you will have to attach the bathroom wall paneling to that of the studs so you need to ensure that the panels are cut correctly. Remember that you need to measure the distances on the panels carefully. Use your tape measurement for this and make a note that your first panel will begin in a corner. Now measure twice and check using your fingers. After this, draw a line on the wall panel and cut using your saw.

Installing the Panel

Even though there are a few bathroom wall panels which are self-adhesive, most will have to be attached. For this, you will have to hold the panel against the wall and then drill a hole on each side of it. Then you will have to drive in the screws to hold it in place. After doing that, you can add in more screws to hold it securely in its place against the studs. Keep in mind that the screws should be paced 12 inches apart. Now it’s time to put the next panel. For this, lay it down butted against the first one before you begin drilling holes and putting in screws. Now repeat this step till you have covered the entire wall.

Finish up

To finish up, you will have to fill over the screw heads with spackle and smooth them over so that they are level with the bathroom wall panels. You can use drywall as well to fill up the gaps between the panels.

Cutting bathroom wall panels isn’t a difficult job at all. It just needs precision and lots of attention to get it done right. Once it gets done it will help you out in more ways than one, and you could even try them for your bathroom flooring.

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